Special Thanks

Becky Delois, Dean Abelon, and the entire Abelon family: Becky Delois is Mr. Abelon’s sister.  The entire Abelon family continues to support us by gathering sponsors and keeping Mr. Abelon’s memory alive. Becky and Joe are kind enough to travel all the way from Maine to be here with us at this and many other CIBA events.

Theresa Godreau: Theresa served as the secretary/treasurer for the foundation for the past few years.  She supported us in the planning of events and helped us out in many aspects of the walk. She will be missed as she is now with Mike keeping tabs on us from above.

Mr. Clarke: Mr. Clarke has helped to run the raffle each year at the walk.  He has graciously stepped up to act as the secretary/treasurer of the foundation.  We couldn’t do it without him!

Kaitlyn Brescia & Danielle Rodriguez (Class of 2007): Kaitlyn and Danielle are the student founders and original coordinators of the walk.  These two young women brought their vision and compassion to fruition in creating this event.  Past, present, and future CIBA students thank them for providing this inspiration.

Priya Shah (’08), Diana Cuervo (’08), Ishiara Nieto Rosas (’10), Casey Dillon (’10), Nicole Damaschi (’12), Barbara Morrison (’12), Grace Morrison (’12), Nikicha Nieto Rosas (’12), Cailyn Ogle (’12), Subashini Sridhar (’13), Liz Courtney (’13) , Mackenzie Satalino (’14), Mikayla Barnwell (’14), Justin Nortey (’15), Marcus Lane (’15), C Lee (’15), Anthony Acosta (’15) and Kevin Nguyen (’15)– These are past coordinators of the Abelon Walk.  Without all of you, we wouldn’t have made it this far!

The Abelon Committee: These students have taken on the project of planning the walk this year, and have put their hearts and souls in to ensuring that Mr. Abelon’s memory is not forgotten.

Michael Burns: Michael was the inspiration behind the website as well as its designer.  We thank you for your offer, your work, and your talent.

Sunset Ridge School: The sixth grade academy has graciously allowed us touse the school grounds as a water station for our event

Mrs. Suzanne Kent: Mrs. Kent has provided necessary artistic support and we couldn’t thank her enough!

Mr. Nystrom: Our printing and laminating guru!  Thank you for always being there to help us!

Ms. Stedman, the CIBA faculty, and CIBA students: This community deserves our special thanks for hosting this event and for their continued support and participation.

When we began this journey eleven years ago, we hoped that the walk would  become an annual event, but had no idea that it would become what it has today!  Thank you for your continued support!


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Michael Abelon Memorial Foundation

2018 Abelon Walk for Pancreatic Cancer